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I have been bombing around on my new Wisper bike almost everyday since I got it, it's wonderful, I'm so pleased with it. It has changed cycling for me, just having that extra power of an electric motor pushing me along makes it such a breeze. I live on top of a hill here in Napier and coming home with my pannier's full of heavy groceries, I used to have to dismount and push now I just pedal on up no sweat. The Wisper has more than lived up to my expectations.

Hooly, New Zealand

Greetings from 70N in Norway. The weather in April is not bad at all only 2 meters of snow! I'm out surfing with my electric bike for a few hours of fun in the sun. No problems at all with the motor and battery at −5C. The bike gives me a 30km reach very easily, without breaking a sweat. And the battery still shows 1/2 left. It may, of course, be a bit unfair to fellow riders when I effortlessly glide up a hill at 20km/h in strong headwind with a smile on my face and raised eyebrows. My Wisper 905Se is one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Otto, Norway

I am just writing to say how very pleased I am with my Wisper. I now prefer to ride the five miles to work, rather than drive my Audi TT! My only concern is having to race past fit lads and lasses in lycra on racing bikes struggling to get up hills I am flying up! YeeHa! Thanks for everything.

Teresa, England

A BIG thanks for your excellent customer service. May your company prosper as you have a great product at your fingertips. You don't need to shout about it, just WISPER it!! Fantastic company, Rolls Royce of bikes. Go like the wind, ride a Wisper!

James, Scotland

After completing my first 10,000 miles on my Wisper 905se Sport, I felt compelled to write to you. This without doubt is the finest mode of transport I have ever experienced. Here's looking forward to the next 10,000!

Andrew, London

Further to our telephone conversation this afternoon, I decided to put pen to paper. My 706Alpino is absolutely amazing, only matched by your incredible service and attention to detail. Thank you.

Mattie, Amsterdam

I am just writing to say how very pleased I am with my Wisper bike. I now prefer to ride the five miles to work (rather than drive my Audi TT !!) and get annoyed when the weather is so bad I can't consider riding in (wonderful British Weather !). Only major concern is having to race past fit lasses in lycra on racers struggling to get up hills I am flying up! YeeHa!Thanks for everything.

Regards Teresa

Many thanks for the manual. I went out for about an hour on the bike this afternoon, had a really great time.Thank you for a product that is as good as you say it is and does what you say it does.

Regards Chris Maidenhead

Yesterday I used your Wisper 905e electric cycle on a trip into London. The ride was from Woodford, Essex to Whitehall, London SW1. I started at 5.20pm in the middle of the rush hour. Weather was quite warm, little wind. The route has quite a few hills and lots of nice straight bits. I only changed down from gear 6 to 5 once and that was for the flyover over the A12 near Mile End. The journey took me just under 55 minutes but I had to stop and quite a few traffic lights. The Wisper was wonderful, quiet, smooth, very comfortable, took the bumps and holes with ease, lots of power, very light and a joy to ride. The distance was 12.5 miles and my speedo recorded the average speed as just under 16 miles per hour.12 hours later at 6.25am I made the return journey. It was a nice but very cold morning and with a bit of a wind in my face. I hadn't recharged the battery as I wanted to know the range. There was little traffic about which was nice. The cycle again was a joy to ride. I was very impressed with the cycle. Total distance around 25 miles on one charge and it still had power left.The Wisper is very light, fast, comfortable and very importantly, the back up you get from the company who are very helpful, interested in what you have to say, give a good warranty, and they do want to help.

Stephen London

The 905se is doing well, in fact it is a remarkable machine.I use it here in Jersey a great deal and for practical purposes the battery range is not a consideration for it never gets low enough in one day, on say 25 miles, to limit activity. We are three hundred feet above sea level here at the house and so far going up the steep coastal roads has not resulted in my having to puff myself out. One does not «glow» after a haul uphill.I intend to cycle around the coast of Jersey early one morning, a journey of approximately 44 miles to see if it can be done on one charge. I would not worry too much if it did not as the bike is easy to ride without power.The bike is well made and has not required any significant adjustment since leaving the shipping box. I look forward to seeing how it holds up in the long term.You have created an attractive product and I wish you the best with it.

Eric St Hellier.

My Daughter has a Wisper 905e for over a year know, a typical girl would have problems putting a chain on a sprocket if it came off, she does a 15 mile round trip to collage 3 days a week and a 6 mile trip to work 3 days a week plus lots of other little trips going shopping seeing boy friend etc, in that time I have been called out twice, once when she had her bag on the handle bars resting on the brake lever cut cut-off switch (no power), and once for a flat tyre, the bike has proved to be extremely reliable for her, and money well spent it has saved a fortune in public transport and many hours in travelling time. One of the best purchases I have ever made.


Many Thanks and well done on creating such a great machine!


What can I say. You were not wrong about this bike, its a beauty and a beast ! The wait was definitely worth it.A joy to ride and has cut my personal best time in to work covering 9.2 miles in 32 mins instead of 45mins. More time to spend at home with my lad.Thank you very much

Regards Jeff Saunders

Thanks for your help with the delivery info and set up of my 905se on Friday last.My first impression of the bike is one of astonishment. As a yachtsman of many years I have a lot of experience of lead acid and ni-cad batteries so did not in my heart of hearts expect anything like the performance of the new battery type fitted to the 905se. We live in the north of Jersey which is hilly,and a twenty five mile ride on Saturday scarcely reduced the charge by half.Kind regards,

Sam Jersey

Just went out in the (cold) night to test ride bike.I am bloody impressed!!!Regards

Anthony Electric bikes New Zealand

Great looks, very light, very fast, very reliable, GREAT PRICE excellent value for money


My new Wisper 905Se arrived a few days ago and I am having a great time with this friendly little bike which I have nick-named «SPIRIT». The last time I rode a bicycle was 35 years ago, albeit my other regular ride is a Harley Davidson Road King weighing in at approx. 760ibs. hence the Wisper is a real lightweight!I find the Wisper fun to ride and ideal for trips to the local shops and recreation, I cannot believe how easy this bike is to ride with very little effort needed from the rider. I live in an area which has miles of cycle paths and just a few hills, which makes riding this bike a real pleasure, also ideal for popping out in the evening to the local chippy, not sure if I will be burning of the consumed calories, I justified the purchase of the bike to my wife with the statement that it will help keep me fit...In particular I was impressed that David from Wisper Bikes is a regular contributor to the Pedelecs forum, taking time out with customers to provide technical advice and feedback, this was a major contributor also to my choice of bike.

Tony Kent

Received the bike yesterday. Assembled and charged battery overnight. Had a 30km ride today — works great, very impressed with performance and quality of components/construction, great product.Also thanks for the very prompt and helpful service...

John, West Australia

I live on a very steep hill and with my previous push bike I had difficulty in the lowest of 24 gears in riding the hill home. With the Wisper I can continue pedaling with power assist and make it all the way home. The 10a battery seems to be sufficient and even with the heavy load up hill to home, I have only discharged it to half rate in 4 rides before I top up the battery. The power assist mode is certainly facilitating the recovery of my knee arthroscopy of two months ago. I am now doing my 25-30 km rides, mainly pedaling with some power assist, which I found difficult on a conventional push bike.A great bike

Noel Australia

I have had my Wisper a little over 9 Months and I swear this was one of my best buys ever! Then on top of that you get the second to none customer service from David and Douglas who go above and beyond and who really care about their bikes and the people that ride them. This is so rare and refreshing in this day and age and what makes the Wisper 905se the complete package that would be impossible to beat!! The bike itself is super looking, fast and a dream to ride and yes whilst minor teething troubles have occurred these have been sorted out promptly by the great guys at Wisper!!I love overtaking the other cyclists on my journey to work and whilst they battle against the head winds and struggle up the hills and slopes the Wisper just glides along like a dream and takes everything in it's stride!!! I always get comments when I am parked up in town and people seem amazed that it's an electric bike and want one for themselves and of course I always say it's the best one out there because it is!!Loving your Wisper is not sad at all cos I love mine too and wouldn't change it for the world!If there is anyone out there thinking of purchasing an electric bike? Get this one and you won't go far wrong!!!So yes let's raise a glass to Doug and David at Wisper and the Wisper 905se itself! Long may they continue with their excellent bikes and service!!


One year on and riding my Wisper 905 SE is still one of the most exhilarating things I do.The experience has been life changing. From being somewhat ill a year ago, I am now quite fit ( I put in a good bit of pedalling)); I have lost 10lbs; I look forward to my commute and acknowledging regulars on the way; I can overtake a number of other bikers which is always pleasurable. I can conquer the rain ( quite bad rain too — thanks to Rohan clothing) and the wind (thanks to the Wisper).I have achieved things too taking part in Presteigne, going to the Cycle show for the first time and the Brompton World Championships and I am now taking much more interest in cycling.One year ago, I had tried cycling to work manually in several different years but gave up each time due to sweaty arrival, effort and some problem roundabouts. Now I arrive at work with no real sweat and already energised to make an impact. Now I cycle all the time to work and I am safer at roundabouts. The Wisper is a serious mode of travelling and in a number of ways it makes parking far easier (and less expensive) than the car.I am particularly pleased I got a Wisper. It still delivers and looks good. My honeymoon with it goes on delightfully. Sure there have been some minor problems and those enthusiastic guys at Electric Bike Sales have been great at helping me out. I also feel good that David and Doug at Wisper will do a lot positively both on this forum and otherwise to keep their riders happy. It all keeps me happier than I would have been if I had been with a supplier that ditches brands or becomes acrimonious or one that doesn't reply to emails.It is also nice to be aligned with a British design. David listens to suggestions and keeps on improving the Wisper based on the feedback he gets often from this forum and people in this country. I don't feel left out with the improvements I just feel I have got a first rate machine which is getting better and better and any feedback is taken seriously.Maybe there are some gripes that some have, and this forum is a good place for owners to air them, and for Wisper to sort them out, but taking an overview for my needs, I feel I could not have done better. I can echo what a few others have said on the main forum..I love my Wisper! (Perhaps this is a bit sad and I should go out more yippee!)Thanks David & Ride on (and thanks guys at Electric Bike Sales)

John of Cambridge

Now, with 400 miles on the clock, the machine is fully settled in needing no further adjustments, and continues to perform extremely well. The frame design and build gives an excellent taughtness, resulting in good straight line running, but agile enough to be flicked around unexpected obstacles.The Wisper 905se is of course but one of several 2nd generation, light weight, lithium powered e-bikes available today. The difference of course, is that huge battery fitted to the 905.Perhaps Wisper should start doing some merchandising, How about a black sweatshirt with white lettering «Wisper riders do it longer».Regards to all